Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Crunchy Mix Vegetable Mushroom

This would be the crunchy carrot and crunchy cucumber.

What adds on the taste to these crunchy refreshing vegetables. Mushroom is one of my favorite as I like the flower fragrant but some could not stand the smell. Here we will be using the big black mushroom. Since it is big, we have to cut it into smaller pieces.

Adding on another ingredient with another strong fragrant, lets welcome the dry oyster. I just simple love it. Both with strong flavor yet they match each other. Well, what could I say, its like marriage made in heaven for me.

The tiny sides would be the garlic and shallots. So happen I found a left over squid in the freezer. Do not waste food, add in the miserable squid.

1 carrot, 1 cucumber
3 black mushroom, 2 dried oyster
4 birds eye chili, 1 squid
2 tablespoon oyster sauce, 2 dash garlic parshley powder
½ tablespoon salt, 3 clover garlic
3 shallot, ¼ cup water

Prepare & Cook
Cut cucumber and carrot to long strips about 4cm
Cut mushroom and dried oyster to cubes
Chop the birds eye chili
Slice the squid

Heat olive oil for a few seconds
Add carrot and cucumber
Add salt and parley powder
Stir fry 3 minutes and remove to plate
Add garlic, shallots for 1 minute
Add mushroom and dried oyster
Fry for 7 minutes till fragrant
Add squid and oyster sauce
Fry another 5 minutes
Add ¼ cup water, stir fry for 5 minutes
Add birds eye chili.
Remove and garnish on carrot and cucumber
Ready to serve

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

White Radish Chicken Soup or Daikon Chicken

Hot day, hot weather. How would you feel? Go home to have some hot soup? What?! Hot + Hot = Super hot burnt. Let us see what explanation we have for this. Well, this is physically hot soup boiled to 100 Degree Celsius but the ingredients used for the soup will cool your internal body. Sounds weird?

We need 1 small medium size Daikon, what is that? Simpler layman words, winter radish or white radish because it is white, just white, so pure. Taste a little sweet a little bitter. White Radish is well known as a cooling food in Chinese medicine. So if you have had too much chips for the day, have a bowl of daikon soup. 

1 white radish/daikon
1 dry scallop
2 dry oyster or mussel
1-2 tablespoon wolfberries (goji berry)
Half chicken

Prepare & Cook
Clean and remove chicken fats
Cut radish to slices 1cm
Wash up wolfberries
Par boil chicken 5 minutes, ensure water cover the chicken
Remove impurities
Add radish, scallops, oyster, wolfberries
Bring to boil medium heat 20 minutes
Taste, add salt if required (2 teaspoon)
Low heat Boil 30 minutes, taste again
Boil 30 minutes
Ready to serve

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Fish Curry Pomfret

There are many types of pomfret, it seems there are 20 types of species for this sea water fish. Unfortunately, I only know 3 types, the silver pomfret, black pomfret, gold pomfret.

I remember previously, when I wanted to make the curry dish, I had to buy all the vegetables separately.  1 packet ladies finger or ocra, 1 packet four angle beans, 1 packet long beans and 1 brinjal or eggplant. End up my whole pot was more of a vegetable curry dish instead of fish curry.

Recently I found a pre packed mix vegetable from Tesco, it has got a little bit of every vegetable I mentioned above. The 3 types to be precise; ocra, four angle beans, long beans. Just enough for 2 people. How wonderful!!
To make my life much more easier, I bought a pre-packed curry paste by Tean’s Gourmet “Tumisan Asam Pedas Assam Paste for Seafood”. (Stir Fry Sour Spicy Paste) Fish from the sea… Perfect!

4 cloves onion
1 prepack fish Assam curry sauce
1 prepack mix vegetable
1 silver pomfret fish

Prepare and cook
Wash the vegetables
Wash silver pomfret
Remove 4 onions skin and slice them
Heat oil and fry onion for 1 minute
Add in curry paste
Add in mix vegetables
Fry for 1 minute
Add in fish let it boil with the sauce for another 5-7 minutes

Ready to serve

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Kai Lan Chicken Gizzard

Kai Lan Chicken Gizzard

Let’s have vegetable today.
Kai Lan vegetable or Chinese kale. It is a type of vegetable with bigger leaves and thicker stems then spinach. Sometimes some comes with tiny weeny yellow flowers.

1 pack of Kai Lan
1 pieces chicken breast
2-4 pieces of chicken gizzard
3 cloves garlic
2 tablespoon cooking oil
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
1 table spoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon oyster sauce

Prepare and cook
Slice chicken breast and gizzard to cube size
Marinate chicken and gizzard with 1 teaspoon sesame oil + 1 tablespoon soy sauce for 1 hour
Heat up oil, fry garlic
Fry chicken and gizzard
Add garlic parshley powder,
Add 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
Fry Kai Lan vegetable
Simmer for 2 minutes
Garnish chicken on vegetable

Ready to serve