Friday, 22 June 2012

Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce

Oh yummy, Chicken Chop! … Chop! Chop! If you have it at the roadside hawker stall, priced about RM10, if you have it at a nice cozy restaurant, priced RM25. They come in many flavors, black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce, Barbecue sauce and others. But I still prefer the norm, mushroom sauce.
 You must be really careful and let your chicken dry before you start, else you would have a greesy kitchen, worst of all, the oil splash up on you while you are cooking. Ouch!!
To ensure your chicken is cooked, you may test it with a tooth pick. Poke it at a few places, especially the thick places of the chicken, if it goes through smoothly, its cooked. If it is still tough or stuck half way, something is not right. You gotta cook longer.
Of course you could make your own mushroom sauce by making some chicken broth then grind some mushrooms, add some pepper. But this will take more time, therefore, working ladies…. I would suggest you get the ready packed mushroom sauce from the hypermarket. Add your own mushroom for more flavor. I bought pre-packed, McCormick, when you open up, its in powder form, you would need to add HOT water to it. Remember, DO NOT add cold or room temperature water for mixing else you would end up with ugly bubble balls.
2 pieces of drumstick, deboned
6 button mushroom, 2 teaspoon salt
1 pack McCormick mushroom sauce
1 cup hot water
Prepare & cook
Cut off balance fats from chicken
Marinate chicken with 2 teaspoon salt (1/2 hour)
Slice mushroom to thin slices
Heat lots of oil, make sure oil is hot
Fry drum stick, remove chicken to kitchen napkin to dry some oil off
Pour away oil and leave just the slight balance on pan
Prepare Mushroom Sauce
Open up McCormick mushroom sauce and add to hot water in a bowl
Stir up until its smooth
Heat pan, add mushroom on to the left over oil
Stir it for about 10 minutes, add mushroom sauce
Stir for another 5 minutes
Ready to serve
If the sauce is too thick, you may add 2 tablespoon water. This will depends on how thick you want the sauce to be.
You do not need to add pepper as it is included in the pre- packed mixture.
For garnishing, you could add some carrots & broccoli on the plate as side dishes.


  1. Yum Yum, nice chicken recipe. Thanks for a new one to try.

  2. Thank you, do drop in more often for new recipes or join as members for updates.